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01. Stevie Ray Vaughan ( and Double Trouble ) - Soul to Soul ( 1985 ) - Aug 7, 2020 9:11:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Stevie Ray Vaughan, except where noted.Side ANo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Say What!" 5:232."Lookin' Out the Window"Doyle Bramhall2:483."Look at Little Sister" 3:084."Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up on Love" 6:075."Gone Home"Eddie Harris3:07Side BNo.TitleWriter(s)Length6."Change It"Bramhall3:577."You'll Be Mine"Willie Dixon3:468."Empty Arms" 3:039."Come On (Part III)"Earl King4:3110."Life Without You" 4:18PersonnelDouble TroubleStevie Ray Vaughan – guitar, vocals, drums on "Empty Arms"Tommy Shannon – bass, vocals on "Say What!"Chris Layton – drums, vocals on "Say What!"Reese Wynans – keyboards, vocals on "Say What!"Additional personnelJoe Sublett – saxophone on "Lookin' Out the Window" and "Look at Little Sister"
02. Anthrax - Among the Living ( 1987 ) - Aug 6, 2020 7:38:00 AM

Track listingsAll tracks are written by Anthrax except "I Am the Law" and "Imitation of Life" by Anthrax and Danny Lilker.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Among the Living"5:162."Caught in a Mosh"5:003."I Am the Law"5:574."Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)"4:545."A Skeleton in the Closet"5:32Side twoNo.TitleLength6."Indians"5:407."One World"5:568."A.D.I./Horror of It All"7:499."Imitation of Life"4:22PersonnelAnthraxJoey Belladonna – lead vocalsDan Spitz – lead guitar, backing vocalsScott Ian – rhythm guitar, backing vocalsFrank Bello – bass, backing vocalsCharlie Benante – drums
03. Ted Nugent - Free-for-All ( 1976 ) - Aug 5, 2020 7:23:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written by Ted Nugent, except where noted, all songs arranged by Nugent, Rob Grange, Derek St. Holmes and Cliff Davies.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Free-for-All"3:202."Dog Eat Dog"4:043."Writing on the Wall"7:084."Turn It Up"3:36Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Length5."Street Rats" 3:366."Together"Rob Grange, Cliff Davies5:527."Light My Way"Derek St. Holmes, Rob Grange3:008."Hammerdown" 4:079."I Love You So I Told You a Lie"Cliff Davies3:47PersonnelBand membersTed Nugent – lead and rhythm guitar, lead vocals (tracks 1 and 10), percussion, bass guitar (track 2)Meat Loaf – lead vocals (tracks 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9)Rob Grange – bass guitar, bass phase effectsCliff Davies – drums, percussion, backing vocals (track 2), producerDerek St. Holmes – lead vocals (tracks 2, 4, 7, 11 and 12), rhythm guitar (tracks 2, 10 & 11)Additional musiciansSteve McRay – keyboards, backing vocalsTom Werman – percussion, producer
04. Green Day - Insomniac ( 1995 ) - Aug 4, 2020 7:24:00 AM

Track listing

All lyrics are written by Billie Joe Armstrong, except where noted; all music is composed by Green Day, except where noted.

No.TitleLength1."Armatage Shanks"2:172."Brat"1:433."Stuck with Me"2:164."Geek Stink Breath"2:155."No Pride"2:196."Bab's Uvula Who?"2:087."86"2:478."Panic Song" (lyrics written by Mike Dirnt and Armstrong)3:359."Stuart and the Ave."2:0310."Brain Stew"3:1311."Jaded"1:3012."Westbound Sign"2:1213."Tight Wad Hill"2:0114."Walking Contradiction"2:31Total length:32:49Personnel

Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong – lead vocals, guitarMike Dirnt – bass, backing vocalsTré Cool – drums
05. Love - Forever Changes ( 1967 ) - Aug 3, 2020 6:41:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Arthur Lee, except "Alone Again Or" and "Old Man", written by Bryan MacLean.Side oneNo.TitleRecordedLength1."Alone Again Or"September 10, 19673:152."A House Is Not a Motel"August 11 & September 10, 19673:253."Andmoreagain"June 9, 12 & August 11, 19673:154."The Daily Planet"June 9–10 & September 25, 19673:255."Old Man"August 12 & September 25, 19672:576."The Red Telephone"August 12 & September 21, 25, 19674:45Side twoNo.TitleRecordedLength7."Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale"September 10, 19673:308."Live and Let Live"August 11, 19675:249."The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This"August 11, 19673:0010."Bummer in the Summer"August 12, 19672:2011."You Set the Scene"August 12, 19676:49Total length:42:05
PersonnelMusicAccording to the liner notes of the 2008 "Collector's Edition".LoveArthur Lee: lead vocals, guitarBryan MacLean: rhythm guitar, vocals, lead vocals on "Old Man", co-lead vocals on "Alone Again Or"Johnny Echols: lead guitarKen Forssi: bass guitarMichael Stuart-Ware: drums, percussionAdditional musiciansCarol Kaye: bass guitar on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"Don Randi: keyboards on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"; piano on "Old Man" and "Bummer in the Summer"; harpsichord on "The Red Telephone"Billy Strange: electric rhythm guitar on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"Hal Blaine: drums on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"Neil Young: arranger on "The Daily Planet"[David Angel: arranger, orchestrationsStrings: Robert Barene, Arnold Belnick, James Getzoff, Marshall Sosson, Darrel Terwilliger (violins); Norman Botnick (viola); Jesse Ehrlich (cello); Chuck Berghofer (string bass)Horns: Bud Brisbois, Roy Caton, Ollie Mitchell (trumpets); Richard Leith (trombone)
06. Carpenters - Close to You ( 1970 ) - Jul 31, 2020 8:26:00 AM

Track listingAll lead vocals by Karen Carpenter except where noted.Side oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."We've Only Just Begun" (lead vocals: K. and Richard Carpenter)Roger NicholsPaul Williams3:042."Love Is Surrender" (lead vocals: K. and R. Carpenter)Ralph Carmichael1:593."Maybe It's You"John BettisR. Carpenter3:094."Reason to Believe"Tim Hardin3:025."Help"Lennon-McCartney3:026."(They Long to Be) Close to You"Burt BacharachHal David4:34Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Length7."Baby It's You"BacharachMack DavidBarney Williams2:508."I'll Never Fall in Love Again"BacharachH. David2:569."Crescent Noon"BettisR. Carpenter4:0910."Mr. Guder"BettisR. Carpenter3:1711."I Kept On Loving You" (lead vocals: R. Carpenter)NicholsP. Williams2:1312."Another Song"BettisR. Carpenter4:22PersonnelJack Daugherty – producerKaren Carpenter – vocals, drumsHal Blaine – drumsRichard Carpenter – vocals, keyboards, arrangements and orchestrationJoe Osborn – bassDanny Woodhams – bassJim Horn – woodwindsBob Messenger – woodwindsDoug Strawn – woodwinds
07. Anthrax - Spreading the Disease ( 1985 ) - Jul 30, 2020 7:49:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Anthrax except where noted.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."A.I.R."5:452."Lone Justice"4:363."Madhouse"4:194."S.S.C./Stand or Fall"4:085."The Enemy"5:25Side twoNo.TitleLyricsMusicLength6."Aftershock"  4:287."Armed and Dangerous"Neil TurbinTurbin, Scott Ian, Danny Lilker5:438."Medusa"Jon Zazula 4:449."Gung-Ho"TurbinTurbin, Ian, Lilker4:34
PersonnelCredits are adapted from the album's liner notes.AnthraxJoey Belladonna – lead vocalsDan Spitz – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocalsScott Ian – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocalsFrank Bello – bass, backing vocalsCharlie Benante – drums
08. Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet ( 1986 ) - Jul 29, 2020 7:18:00 AM

Track listingAll lyrics are written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.Side oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Let It Rock"Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora5:262."You Give Love a Bad Name"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora, Desmond Child3:433."Livin' on a Prayer"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child4:094."Social Disease"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora4:185."Wanted Dead or Alive"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora5:09Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Length6."Raise Your Hands"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora4:177."Without Love"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child3:318."I'd Die for You"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child4:319."Never Say Goodbye"Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora4:4910."Wild in the Streets"Jon Bon Jovi3:56PersonnelBon JoviJon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar on "Wanted Dead or Alive"Richie Sambora – electric lead guitar, backing vocals, acoustic lead guitar on "Wanted Dead or Alive", talk box on "Livin' on a Prayer"Alec John Such – bass guitar, backing vocalsTico Torres – drums, percussion, finger cymbals on "Livin' on a Prayer"David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals, horns (horns credited as Lema Moon)Studio musiciansTom Keenlyside – saxophoneHugh McDonald – bass guitar on "Livin' on a Prayer" (wrote and recorded the bass parts, uncredited)
09. The Cult - Electric ( 1987 ) - Jul 28, 2020 7:33:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, except where noted."Wild Flower" – 3:37"Peace Dog" – 3:34"Lil' Devil" – 2:44"Aphrodisiac Jacket" – 4:11"Electric Ocean" – 2:49"Bad Fun" – 3:33"King Contrary Man" – 3:12"Love Removal Machine" – 4:17"Born to Be Wild" (Mars Bonfire) – 3:55"Outlaw" – 2:52"Memphis Hip Shake" – 4:01PersonnelIan Astbury – vocalsBilly Duffy – guitarJamie Stewart – bass guitarLes Warner – drums
10. Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' for You ( 1981 ) - Jul 27, 2020 7:16:00 AM

11. The Pretty Things - Get the Picture? ( 1965 ) - Jul 24, 2020 6:48:00 AM

Track listing"You Don't Believe Me" (Phil May, Bobby Graham, Jimmy Page, Willie Morrell) – 2:24"Buzz the Jerk" (May, Dick Taylor) – 1:55"Get the Picture?" (May, Taylor) – 1:56"Can't Stand the Pain" (May, Taylor, Graham) – 2:42"Rainin' in My Heart" (James Moore, Jerry West) – 2:33"We'll Play House" (May, Taylor) – 2:34"You'll Never Do It, Baby" (Brian Smith, Terry Fox) – 2:29"I Had a Dream" (Jimmy Witherspoon) – 2:59"I Want Your Love" (Johnnie Dee, Johnny Tarr) – 2:18"London Town" (Tim Hardin) – 2:28"Cry to Me" (Bert Russell) – 2:53"Gonna Find Me a Substitute" (Ike Turner) – 2:59
PersonnelPhil May – vocalsDick Taylor – lead guitarBrian Pendleton – rhythm guitar, backing vocalsJohn Stax – bass, backing vocalsViv Prince – drums (on a handful of tracks)Bobby Graham – drums (on a handful of tracks)Twink – drums (on two tracks)On the bonus tracks, the lineup was May, Taylor, Pendleton, Stax and Skip Alan on drums.
12. The Sweet - Desolation Boulevard ( 1974 ) - Jul 23, 2020 7:42:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written and composed by Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott and Mick Tucker except where noted.RCA releaseSide one"The Six Teens" (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn) – 4:02"Solid Gold Brass" – 5:33"Turn It Down" (Chapman, Chinn) – 3:30"Medusa" ("Medussa", on remastered CD editions 1999 and 2005) (Scott) – 4:45"Lady Starlight" (Scott) – 3:12Side two"The Man with the Golden Arm" (Elmer Bernstein, Sylvia Fine) – 8:27"Fox on the Run" – 4:47"Breakdown" – 3:06"My Generation" (Pete Townshend) – 3:59PersonnelBrian Connolly – lead vocals (except as noted)Steve Priest – bass, lead vocals (UK tracks 9, 18; US track 3), backing vocalsAndy Scott – guitars, lead vocals (UK tracks 5, 6; US track 9), backing vocalsMick Tucker – drums, percussion, backing vocals
13. Saxon - Wheels of Steel ( 1980 ) - Jul 22, 2020 7:46:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson and Pete Gill.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Motorcycle Man"3:562."Stand Up and Be Counted"3:093."747 (Strangers in the Night)"4:584."Wheels of Steel"5:58Side twoNo.TitleLength5."Freeway Mad"2:416."See the Light Shining"4:557."Street Fighting Gang"3:128."Suzie Hold On"4:349."Machine Gun"5:23PersonnelSaxonBiff Byford - vocalsGraham Oliver - guitarPaul Quinn - guitarSteve Dawson - bass guitarPete Gill - drums
14. Anthrax - Fistful of Metal ( 1984 ) - Jul 21, 2020 7:18:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Deathrider"Neil Turbin, Dan Spitz, Scott Ian, Dan Lilker, Charlie Benante3:102."Metal Thrashing Mad"Turbin, Spitz, Ian, Lilker, Benante2:393."I'm Eighteen" (Alice Cooper cover)Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith4:024."Panic"Turbin, Ian, Lilker3:585."Subjugator"Turbin, Spitz, Ian, Lilker, Benante4:38Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Length6."Soldiers of Metal"Turbin, Ian, Lilker2:557."Death from Above"Turbin, Ian, Lilker5:008."Anthrax"Turbin, Ian, Lilker3:249."Across the River" (instrumental)Ian, Lilker1:2610."Howling Furies"Ian, Lilker3:55PersonnelCredits are adapted from the album's liner notes.AnthraxNeil Turbin – vocalsDan Spitz – lead guitar, rhythm guitar on track 3Scott Ian – rhythm guitar (except track 3)Danny Lilker – bassCharlie Benante – drums
15. Carpenters - Ticket to Ride ( 1969 ) - Jul 20, 2020 8:24:00 AM

Track listingAll lead vocals by Karen Carpenter except where noted; all tracks written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis, except where noted.Side oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Invocation" (lead vocals by K. and R. Carpenter) 1:042."Your Wonderful Parade" (lead vocals by R. Carpenter) 2:543."Someday" 5:194."Get Together" (lead vocals by R. Carpenter)Chet Powers2:375."All of My Life"R. Carpenter3:076."Turn Away" (lead vocals by R. Carpenter) 3:12Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Length7."Ticket to Ride"Lennon–McCartney4:138."Don't Be Afraid"R. Carpenter2:079."What's the Use" (lead vocals by R. Carpenter) 2:4310."All I Can Do" 1:4111."Eve" 2:5312."Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" (lead vocals by R. Carpenter)Neil Young4:2113."Benediction" (lead vocals by K. and R. Carpenter) 0:41PersonnelRichard Carpenter – lead and backing vocals, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, harpsichordKaren Carpenter – lead and backing vocals, drums, bass on "All of My Life" and "Eve"Joe Osborn – bassBob Messenger – bassGary Sims – guitar on "All of My Life"
16. Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent ( 1975 ) - Jul 17, 2020 8:11:00 AM

Track listingAll songs are credited as "written and arranged by Ted Nugent", except "Hey Baby", which is credited as "written and arranged by Derek St. Holmes". In Martin Popoff's book Epic Ted Nugent, Nugent admits that "Stranglehold" was co-written by Rob Grange, who never received a royalty share. Derek St. Holmes claims the album was co-written by the whole band, and that Nugent took sole credit as a way to not pay them royalties.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Stranglehold"8:222."Stormtroopin'"3:073."Hey Baby"4:004."Just What the Doctor Ordered"3:43Side twoNo.TitleLength5."Snakeskin Cowboys"4:386."Motor City Madhouse"4:307."Where Have You Been All My Life"4:048."You Make Me Feel Right at Home"2:549."Queen of the Forest"3:34PersonnelBand membersDerek St. Holmes – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, arrangementsTed Nugent – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion, arrangements, lead vocals on track 6Rob Grange – bass guitar, 8-string bass on "Snakeskin Cowboys", bass phase effect on "Stranglehold", arrangementsCliff Davies – drums, vibraphone, backing vocals, arrangements, lead vocals on track 8Additional musiciansSteve McRay – keyboardsBrian Staffeld – percussionTom Werman – percussion, producer
17. Moxy - Moxy ( 1976 ) - Jul 16, 2020 7:09:00 AM

Track listing"Fantasy" - 5:40 (Earl Johnson) (Solo by Bolin)"Sail On Sail Away" - 4:52 (Earl Johnson) (Solo by Johnson)"Can't You See I'm a Star" - 3:36 (Earl Johnson) (Solo by Johnson)"Moon Rider (Moonrider)" - 4:25 (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) (Solo by Bolin)"Time to Move On" - 4:09 (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) (Solo by Bolin)"Still I Wonder" - 4:16 (Earl Johnson) (Solo by Bolin)"Train" - 4:37 (Earl Johnson, Robert Bonnell) (Solo by Bolin and Johnson)"Out of the Darkness" - 4:57 (Earl Johnson, Buzz Shearman) (Solo by Bolin)
CreditsBuzz Shearman: vocalsEarl Johnson: GuitarTerry Juric: BassBill Wade: drumsTommy Bolin: Guitar (Solos)Tom Stephenson: Piano in "Fantasy"Mark Smith : Producer, EngineerRichard Dashut : EngineerRecorded and Mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys, CaliforniaJacket sleeve photo by Larry NickelsArranged by MoxyBuddy Caine: guitar - Note: Buddy Caine is listed on the album cover, but did not join the band until after the album was finished.
18. Jimi Hendrix -The Wind Cries Mary ( 1967 ) - Jul 15, 2020 8:12:00 AM

19. Saxon - Saxon ( 1979 ) - Jul 14, 2020 7:22:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson and Pete Gill.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Rainbow Theme"3:072."Frozen Rainbow"2:293."Big Teaser"3:554."Judgement Day"5:31Side twoNo.TitleLength5."Stallions of the Highway"2:526."Backs to the Wall"3:097."Still Fit to Boogie"2:538."Militia Guard"PersonnelSaxonBiff Byford - vocalsGraham Oliver - guitarPaul Quinn - guitarSteve Dawson - bass guitarPete Gill - drums
20. Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape ( 1997 ) - Jul 13, 2020 7:26:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear except where noted.No.TitleLength1."Doll"1:232."Monkey Wrench"3:513."Hey, Johnny Park!"4:084."My Poor Brain"3:335."Wind Up"2:326."Up in Arms"2:157."My Hero"4:208."See You"2:269."Enough Space" (Dave Grohl)2:3710."February Stars"4:4911."Everlong" (Dave Grohl)4:1012."Walking After You" (Dave Grohl)5:0313."New Way Home"5:40Total length:46:47PersonnelFoo FightersDave Grohl – lead vocals, lead guitar, drumsPat Smear – rhythm guitarNate Mendel – bassAdditional personnelWilliam Goldsmith – drums on "Doll", "Up in Arms" (credited for slow intro), "My Poor Brain" (verses only, uncredited), "The Colour and the Shape" (uncredited), and "Down in the Park" (uncredited)Taylor Hawkins – drums on "Requiem", "Drive Me Wild", and "Baker Street" (10th anniversary edition's bonus tracks only)Lance Bangs, Chris Bilheimer and Ryan Boesch – handclaps on "See You"Louise Post - backing vocals on "Everlong" (uncredited)
21. Them - Them Again ( 1966 ) - Jul 10, 2020 9:05:00 AM

Side 1"Could You, Would You" (Van Morrison) – 3:15"Something You Got" (Chris Kenner) – 2:36"Call My Name" (Tommy Scott) – 2:23"Turn On Your Love Light" (Deadric Malone, Joseph Wade Scott) – 2:18"I Put a Spell on You" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins) – 2:40"I Can Only Give You Everything" (Phil Coulter, Tommy Scott) – 2:43"My Lonely Sad Eyes" (Van Morrison) – 2:27"I Got a Woman" (Ray Charles, Renald Richard) – 3:16Side 2"Out of Sight" (James Brown, Ted Wright) – 2:26"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Bob Dylan) – 3:52"Bad or Good" (Van Morrison) – 2:09"How Long Baby" (M. Gillon aka Tommy Scott) – 3:41"Hello Josephine" (Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino) – 2:06"Don't You Know" (Tommy Scott) – 2:26"Hey Girl" (Van Morrison) – 2:59"Bring 'em On In" (Van Morrison) – 3:46Track listing (U.S. edition)Side 1"Could You, Would You" (Morrison) – 3:13"Something You Got" (Chris Kenner) – 2:35"Call My Name" (Tommy Scott) – 2:22"Turn on Your Love Light" (Deadric Malone, Joseph Wade Scott) – 2:22"I Can Only Give You Everything" (Phil Coulter, Tommy Scott) – 2:43"My Lonely Sad Eyes" (Morrison) – 2:31Side 2"Out of Sight" (James Brown, Ted Wright) – 2:24"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Bob Dylan) – 3:50"Bad Or Good" (Morrison) – 2:09"How Long Baby" (M. Gillon aka Tommy Scott) – 3:40"Don't You Know" (Tommy Scott) – 2:26"Bring 'em On In" (Morrison) – 3:45
22. Toto - Turn Back ( 1981 ) - Jul 9, 2020 7:10:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength1."Gift with a Golden Gun"David Paich, Bobby KimballKimball4:002."English Eyes"Paich, Kimball, Jeff Porcaro, Steve PorcaroKimball6:113."Live for Today"Steve LukatherLukather4:004."A Million Miles Away"PaichKimball4:26Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength1."Goodbye Elenore"PaichKimball4:522."I Think I Could Stand You Forever"PaichLukather5:253."Turn Back"Kimball, LukatherKimball3:584."If It's the Last Night"PaichLukather4:28PersonnelBobby Kimball – lead and backing vocalsSteve Lukather – guitars, lead and backing vocalsDavid Paich – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocalsJeff Porcaro – drums, percussionSteve Porcaro – keyboards, electronicsDavid Hungate – bass guitar, acoustic guitar on "I Think I Could Stand You Forever"Additional personnelJoe Porcaro – additional percussion on "If It's the Last Night"
23. The Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams ( 1974 ) - Jul 8, 2020 7:37:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written and composed by Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott and Mick Tucker except where noted.Side one"Set Me Free" (Scott) – 3:57"Heartbreak Today" – 5:02"No You Don't" (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn) – 4:35"Rebel Rouser" – 3:25"Peppermint Twist" (Joey Dee, Henry Glover) – 3:29Side two"Sweet F.A." – 6:15"Restless" – 4:29"Into the Night" (Scott) – 4:26"AC-DC" (Chapman, Chinn) – 3:29PersonnelBrian Connolly – lead vocals (except as noted)Steve Priest – bass guitar, lead vocals (tracks 3, 7), backing vocalsAndy Scott – guitars, lead vocals (track 8), backing vocalsMick Tucker – drums, backing vocals
24. Marillion - Misplaced Childhood ( 1985 ) - Jul 7, 2020 8:22:00 AM

Track listingAll lyrics are written by Fish; all music is composed by Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley, Steve Rothery and Pete Trewavas.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Pseudo Silk Kimono"2:152."Kayleigh"4:043."Lavender"2:284."Bitter Suite"i) "Brief Encounter"ii) "Lost Weekend"iii) "Blue Angel"iv) "Misplaced Rendezvous"v) "Windswept Thumb"7:535."Heart of Lothian" i) "Wide Boy"ii). "Curtain Call"4:08Side twoNo.TitleLength6."Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)"2:137."Lords of the Backstage"1:538."Blind Curve"i) "Vocal Under a Bloodlight"ii) "Passing Strangers"iii) "Mylo"iv) "Perimeter Walk"v) "Threshold"9:309."Childhoods End?"4:3310."White Feather"2:24Total length:41:17
PersonnelMarillionFish – vocals; cover conceptSteve Rothery – guitars; additional bass guitar; photography (1998 remastered edition)Mark Kelly – keyboardsPete Trewavas – bass guitarIan Mosley – drums, percussion
25. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn't Stand the Weather ( 1984 ) - Jul 6, 2020 7:59:00 AM

Track listings1984 issueAll tracks are written by Stevie Ray Vaughan except where noted.Side ANo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Scuttle Buttin'" 1:522."Couldn't Stand The Weather" 4:403."The Things (That) I Used to Do"Guitar Slim4:554."Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"Jimi Hendrix8:01Side BNo.TitleWriter(s)Length5."Cold Shot"(originally credited to Michael Kindred and W. C. Clark; later incorrectly credited to only Michael Kindred)4:016."Tin Pan Alley"originally credited to Robert Geddins; later credited to James Reed9:117."Honey Bee" 2:428."Stang's Swang" 2:46PersonnelDouble TroubleStevie Ray Vaughan – guitar, vocalsTommy Shannon – bassChris Layton – drumsAdditional personnelJimmie Vaughan – rhythm guitar on "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and "The Things That I Used to Do"Fran Christina – drums on "Stang's Swang"Stan Harrison – tenor saxophone on "Stang's Swang"