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Taste of Maramures

Promovam Maramuresul AI PLANURI DE VACANTA? Ai gasit locul potrivit. 1. conditii de cazare foarte bune 2. mancare traditionala 3. preturi mici, si avantajoase

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STAY IN POIENILE IZEI DISCOVER THE BEAUTY FROM THIS PLACE Poienile Izei is more relaxing than Botiza, and less populous than Borsa, Poienile Izei is still one of the towns – Theme of Maramures. Whether you want to relax a day air picnic, or visit a local tourist squares, to see symbols of centuries old […]
02. The Event “Sezatoarea in Poienile Izei“ - Jun 15, 2013 8:53:59 PM
The Event “Sezatoarea in Poienile Izei“  is a tradition that I repeated it this year after about 30 years. Sezatoarea is considered the elders as a school for girls, where they learn to work wool, to sew, to spin, to make clothes to wear them in the holidays. I was very pleased by the large […]
03. Maramures – Hearth of Maramures - Jun 15, 2013 7:07:14 PM
I put the title of the article, because it is proved that Maramures is geographically located in the heart of Europe. And what’s even more beautiful is that has kept intact a large part of his identity, which is an opportunity to discover the beauty that it has to offer Maramures. Travel in Maramures, has […]
04. A unique gift from Maramures - Jun 15, 2013 5:16:28 PM
Here we realize a unique and original Horinca whole pear with pear inside. It is a product that is made quite difficult. Glass stays in the pear look inside the glass, and sit there until maturation walls. Glass is put in when you start to grow pear look and fits into the neck of the […]
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