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Quilling M handmade crafts and hobbies

Un blog despre Quilling si nu numai Acest blog a aparut din dorinta de a face cunoscuta aceasta arta straveche , practicata inca din timpul Egiptului antic.Ulterior , arta rasucirii hartiei a fost dezvoltata la curtile regale ale secolelor XVI-XVII de catre doamnele din inalta societate.Poate cea mai mare dezvoltare a cunoscut-o in perioada Renasterii , alaturi de celelalte arte ca pictura , sculptura etc. Menirea artei este ''imitarea nemijlocita a realitatii''.

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01. Bratara Psyche -Psyche bracelet symbol of eternal love - Aug 18, 2014 1:50:00 PM
Bratara Psyche simbolul iubirii veşnice Psyche – călătoria sufletului prin viaţă si simbolul iubirii veşnice.Bratara din fluturi de cristal,lungime 22 cm sau 24 cm.
  Psyche în limba greacă înseamnă suflul vieţii sau sufletul şi este un simbol al iubirii veşnice aceasta reprezentand călătoria sufletului prin viaţă.Asemeni sufletului, Psyche este prezentată uneori ca fluture.Cea mai comuna folosinta a simbolului fluturelui este ca vindecator sentimental in relatii de iubire,deoarece fluturele este asociat cel mai bine cu senzatiile percepute de indragostiti atunci cand iubesc.Asemeni fluturelui, liber sa zboare din floare in floare, lipsit de constrangeri si interdictii, persoana care poarta asupra sa o amuleta in forma de fluture atrage puternice energii senzuale si isi sporeste semnificativ sansele sa isi gaseasca sufletul pereche.Insa fluturele nu numai ca aduce partener in viata celui/celei ce il poarta, insa odata gasit acest partener confera stabilitate relatiei, energie sexuala si implicare.
 Asa cum fluturele la maturitate si-a dobandit splendoarea prin multiple transformari, asa si persoana care se foloseste de acest simbol isi va invinge angoasele si isi va reechilibra spiritul.Insa simbolul fluturelui nu ajuta numai adultii. Foarte multi parinti il folosesc in terapia cu copiii lor, pentru cresterea fluxului energetic si pentru sporirea concentrarii in invatare.

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 Psyche - journey of the soul through life and symbol of eternal love.Bracelet of crystal butterflies, length 22 cm or 24 cm.
  Psyche in Greek means breath or soul life and is a symbol of eternal love and this is the journey of the soul through life.Like soul, Psyche is sometimes presented as butterfly.The most common use is as a healer butterfly symbol sentimental in love relationships because best butterfly is associated with feelings of love perceived when loved.Like butterfly free to fly from flower to flower, without constraints and prohibitions, wears on his person an amulet in the shape of butterfly attracting strong sensual energy and increases its significantly likely to find their soulmates.But not only bring life partner of / of what he wears, but once found this relationship partner gives stability, stamina and involvement.As mature butterfly has gained glory through multiple transformations, so the person who uses this symbol will defeat anxieties and will rebalance spiritual.But butterfly symbol not only help adults. Many parents use it in therapy with their children to increase energy flow and increasing concentration in learning.

03. (8) Quilling Easter Cards (5) - Pelicitari de Paste - Mar 27, 2014 10:22:00 AM

Quilling Easter Cards (5) - Pelicitari de Paste

04. (7) Quilling felicitari martisor - Quilling trinket cards - Feb 19, 2014 10:44:00 AM
Vine,vine primavara!

05. (6) Quilling felicitari de craciun - Quilling Christmas cards - Dec 17, 2013 10:25:00 AM
 Quilling Christmas cards

                                                  So this is Christmas
                                                  And what have you done
                                                  Another year over
                                                  And a new one just begun

                                                   And so this is Christmas
                                                   I hope you have fun
                                                   The near and the dear one
                                                   The old and the young

                                                     A very merry Christmas
                                                     And a happy New Year
                                                     Let's hope it's a good one

John Lennon - Merry Christmas

06. (5)Quilling Invitatii botez - Quilling Christening invitations - Sep 9, 2013 2:10:00 PM
A child is God's most precious gift.

07. (4) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere - May 1, 2013 6:18:00 AM
(4) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere 


08. (3) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere - Apr 30, 2013 8:31:00 PM
(3) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere 

And the continuation of....

to be continued
09. (2) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere (2) - Apr 30, 2013 8:16:00 PM

(2) Quilling Earrings , Bracelets , Necklaces - Quilling Cercei , Bratari , Coliere 

 And again we talk about jewelry eco.You can  found below my sister Mirela works, made ​​in recent weeks.We are glad if you will capture attention for a few seconds.

to be continued
10. Quilling Easter Cards (4) - Pelicitari de Paste - Apr 12, 2013 5:08:00 AM
Quilling Easter Cards (4) - Pelicitari de Paste
And here are the expected model with several variations of colors.

11. Quilling Easter Cards (3) - Felicitari de Paste - Apr 11, 2013 5:07:00 AM
 Quilling Easter Cards (3) - Felicitari de Paste
Bunny is first mentioned in connection with Easter in Germany around 1600, due to the existing belief in some parts of the country, the belief that bunny bring red eggs on Maundy Thursday and colored the night before Easter.
  Strong colonization of the American continent , brought this belief, first arrived on the continent with German colonists.  Easter bunny symbol will spread across America after 1870 and of course worldwide.  Symbolism egg - rabbit has much deeper roots in ancient time and comes from Assyrians and Babylonians, worshipers of the goddess Ishtar, the goddess of fertility and sex site, whose symbols were the egg and rabbit camp.This goddess, celebrated spring was represented in some states with egg on your left and right rabbit.  With the transition to Christianity Emperor Constantine the Great and the promulgation of the Edict of Milan, apparently by some sources, it was taken and this pagan holiday, the analogy is obvious Ishtar - Easter.But get the theory, let's get to work .These are new cards with bunnies that I worked those days.If you like it or not, do not hesitate to contact me.A new model will be coming ....soon.



12. Quilling Easter Cards (2) - Felicitari de Paste - Apr 9, 2013 5:04:00 AM
Quilling Easter Cards (2) - Felicitari de Paste
This week I worked hard on these.I kept the pattern, with slight differences here and there, but I changed the color of egg.Ihope you like it.
 Next day I'll come up with another model with bunny just approaching Easter and spring is here.

13. Quilling Easter Cards (1) - Felicitari de Paste - Apr 1, 2013 10:08:00 AM
  Quilling Easter Cards (1) - Felicitari de Paste Here , are the first greeting  cards.I hope you like it.I am looking forward to share with me  your opinions.

14. (1) Quilling - Bracelets , Earrings , Necklaces - Bratari , Cercei , Coliere - Mar 26, 2013 9:20:00 AM
(1) Quilling - Bracelets , Earrings , Necklaces - Bratari , Cercei , Coliere 
Why not? Jewels Eco a trend that is gaining more and more ground.

15. Quilling Trinkets - Quilling Martisoare - Mar 23, 2013 9:16:00 AM
Quilling Trinkets - Quilling Martisoare
The little  March amulets it was ''my first love''in Quilling.I believe this symbol of spring is still little exploited by Qilling artists maybe because Martisor is present only in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece possible after some information.

16. Trinkets - Martisoare - Mar 15, 2013 9:34:00 AM

Trinkets - Martisoare 

17. Welcome - Bine ati venit - Mar 3, 2013 4:50:00 PM
   This blog came from a desire to make known this ancient art, practiced since the time of Egypt antic.Later, art of twisting paper was developed in the royal courts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by ladies of high society.

 Maybe the largest development met during the Renaissance, along with other arts like painting, sculpture etc.
  '' The purpose of art is the direct imitation of reality'' as claimed Renaissance humanists and the quilling fits perfectly into this trend regardless of the name under which it was known, Watermark, Paper quilling, or Mosaic.

 Also the Quilling  quickly spread among the settlers in North America, brought the ladies of the royal court, with the Mayflower voyage, the symbol of early English colonization.
  The emergence of the Internet marked increase of this arte.Artists around the world ,compete to perform daily work as complex and sensitive as, putting in talent, skills and last but not least, patience which were endowed by Creator.So enjoy these creations that are only the parts of our soul.
At the end , please watch a movie with an introduction to Quilling
18. How not to make money online - Cum sa nu faci bani pe net - Mar 2, 2013 7:55:00 PM
How not to make money online - Cum sa nu faci bani pe net

  I wanted to start by saying that a friend asked me to write this article, but I lying.This article appeared in need of truth and out of respect for the Internet.Internet , this huge library of thousands of years dream of humanity, hiding under the dome  so good faith and so imposture.But we return to our subject.
 Desire (need) any kid, unemployed, housewives, person with disabilities, low-income people in general, and so on, is to make it as easy money on net.And here begins the circus, on the one hand those who want something and on the other hand fervently who benefit, sorry, that offers variants winning (for them). hidden finesse as enthusiastic words and images carefully chosen these brilliant ideas'' public'' can be presented in various forms as follows:
1) To make money online from clicks, see websites PPC (Paid-Per-Click) Gender, Neobux, AdPrize, CilxSense, Roxilia, Socialbirth, FanDealer ,etc.
  Without effort, without investment, you just have to make an account and click on certain reclame.CeWhat may be easier than that.But nothing is so easy.You must to click sites in enmity for few dollars / month (6 or $ 7 / month). And here we have developed a very good system or referrals for others and not for those trying to earn money.
2) To make money on the internet under the guidance of someone who has succeeded and who has not forgotten where he leave.In their goodness that the magic they wrote a guide on how you can easily earn large sums of money thousands .For your justification is presented statements of various banks where the person has accounts, securities in financial engineering PhD at various prestigious universities, list of famous collaborators who worked or work our benevolent. All this will confuse you and make you accept the idea that you can win very easily these money.Sometimes transpires that all the text is merely a translation of an overseas website translation, adapted to the Romanian market conditions.
And following the pyramidal style charlatans or those arising after the revolution that asks you to send $ self addressed envelope, to send you back a list of genius ideas that you can earn money easily, so here you are asked to ordering guide for a fee magic again noted modice.Please remark pyramid effect, or rather many a little'' as many''.
3) To make money on the net business ideas generously made available by the trainers, those who have succeeded and those who know it all.
 Probably encounter the same magnanimity caused your attraction's website through articles that say nothing but words.
Five, seven, ten business ideas to make money online.
For example: you have no money? Write an app for a device, write articles online (sic!) or why not write a book, big deal.
'' It's easy to write lyrics when you have nothing to say.''
Grab the photo, do yourself a blog post'''' videos on Youtube, or other inducements that do nothing but put you further in confusion.A'' do'' photo without investment and without talent, or did you make a blog site, you need to continually update it, to improve, SEO, search engines, Alexa Rank, etc. Can not, and if you get far however, they may show results in a few years.For ordinary people, who do not know programming, which does not know the rank guy is not fond of photography or not heard bestseller, these ideas can not work, are just empty words'' the tail have to call''.
4) To make money on the net a few steps that will change the personality.
Personality change may be my opinion through assiduous spiritual training that can last for years or a tragedy to affect the consciousness .These impulses of type depends on you to change your life to reach your imagine something and you get it is to believe, etc.. are but drops that leaked from a ancient science and whose meaning is understood wrong type astazi.I remark here movies, The Secret, movies that do nothing to increase share PARTIES trainer appearing in the film and that we say with conviction in his voice and a smile that is simple to get what you like very much.Looks like words of  Bible thousands of years ago:'' Ask and you shall receive! '' Only these words came from the source of life, but that is another discussion.
 I think these are the methods by which to (not) make money a person net.Maybe I am  subjective but I do not know anyone who have won money on the net in the above activities, even if there were love and money investments.
  To sweeten the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and loss that you feel like left this article, I want to remind myself only known methods to make money, they know for years and have no connection with the Internet, as eg blood donation, sale at the fair of things you do not need or scrap and iron old.The sums obtained will be small but real.

Thank you for your attention.
Following an article about: How do you find a job online.
19. - Mar 1, 2013 8:24:00 PM