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01. Cupcakes accessories - May 22, 2017 12:26:00 PM

02. Flamingo brooches and earrings - May 12, 2017 5:57:00 AM

03. Handmade brooches and earrings - Apr 28, 2017 1:40:00 PM
Handmade accessories

I am going to sell my handmade accessories on this blog, from now on, I foresee fashion posts, also. Most accessories are brooches and earrings.
So, stay tuned!

My work so far:

Available/ disponibil

Available/ disponibili

Available/ disponibil

Available/ disponibil

Available/ disponibili

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Available/ disponibili

Available/ disponibili
04. Living room changes+ wishlist - Feb 11, 2016 10:40:00 AM
Hey, I am going to stay true to the beginning, hence the decor post. I am going to talk about my living room, about the changes that have been made since I last told you about it here. I don't really have a lot of pictures, but you'll get the whole idea with the pictures I have in my phone.I have made a few changes, the vintage bar cart being the first one, I think. I had some space that needed something, on the right of the sectional, right in front of the window. I have always wanted a bar cart, so, when I finally found one, I was happy as a child.

This is pretty much the display I have going on now, except for the plant, which is near the bench.
Another change that I don't remember telling you about are the curtains, which are white sheers and dark green solids, I found that I like the absence of warmth the blush ones used to bring, so I chose these white sheers that bring much more light in. From the beginning I wanted greens solids, so, I finally went for it!I changed the Berber-style rug with the cheaper Ikea one, just because I had to make some changes upstairs, my two daughters wanted not to share their room any longer, so the eldest left the pink room and took possession of the guest room (I have no guest room, now!!). Long story short, the rug from the living room had to go upstairs, and I chose the cheaper Ikea one.
Old look.... look...

Graphic much??
So, these are the changes I've made so far! I still have to find something for above the bench... I have always thought an art wall or a mirror are best! I am leaning towards a mirror, just because husband is reluctant in making holes in the walls!

Please, ignore the doll party under the bench...
I have other plans, too, for this room, like changing the coffee table, which really needs to be done... I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint, added gold leaf, but now it is girls literally peeled it off....
....past............................................................ and present...
I am dreaming of a gold metal and white marble coffee table, a large square one, one meter sides...

What dou you think of my plans? Any thoughts?Last three images here.

05. Fashion: culottes- fusta pantalon 2016 - Feb 9, 2016 9:16:00 AM
After more than 2 years hiatus I am back and I don't think I am going to talk about decor. Yup. My best friend form childhood told me when I stared this blog that I would be writing about interior decorating stuff for as long as I have my new house to decorate, but I didn't believe her!! I guess she showed me, as I did exactly what she said!! She'd be happy to know she was right!
Fashion, hair and nails is what's on my mind now, and I am going to start with wide-leg trousers and culottes. Yup. The name is kind of weird, but in my language it is basically thanslated as a trouser-skirt. It was in when my mother was young, and I used to really hate this item, but now I simply love it!

                                 Madalina Ghenea in Cannes 2015, wearring a                                traditioanl Romanian blouse, called "ie"

                                                              I love this simple, classical, all-black look..

        V. B. is stunning here, wearing a striped outfit..

        This one I really like, with the oversized coat and the ankle boots, it's so carefree and elegant..

           Tall women can wear culottes with flats, as well..

Of course, the higher the heel, the better!:))

A Parisian combo:silk and soft knit..

Sporty chic!
...and here I fool around in front of the mirror with my own granny-culottes!!
Hope you found it interesting, have a nice week!!Ozana
Photos here.

06. Merry Christmas!! - Dec 26, 2014 1:08:00 PM
Heya, I am back to wish you all the warmest "Merry Christmas!!", can't stay too long, as I am very busy these days, but know that I wish the best to all of you who still read my rare posts.. that should change..

Fed up with my Christmas tree yet?? Ok, then, see ya!!

07. Over the knee boots - Nov 28, 2014 1:12:00 PM
Hey! Long time no read! I was waiting for my online orders to arrive so I would show you the new stuff, but my orders seem to be a big fail these days! First, my Chinese prints arrived in different backgrounds, so I sent one back, and waited for the right one to arrive, as they assured me it was on the right background this time! Big fail, it arrived and it was still on the wrong background, so I had no choice but to send both of them back... booo!! No Chinese prints for me!My last order included two beautiful Eames-like chairs, in black. They arrived, and one of the chairs was scratched.. plus, they were really too low for my table... double boo... so, no Eames for me either... (insert saddest face here). They also went back..So... fashion, now! I can't shake off the feeling that I need a pair of over-the-knee boots in my life! Can't shake it off, and I have no other choice but to get me a pair. Third time's bound to be a charm!!
hereOver the knee can be a bit too sexy, but paired with above-the-knee skirts, they are classy.

here..under the knee is also classy...


here..lady, you're awesome..or your stylist is!:)

Here are a few more ways I would wear my otk boots:
Romanian fashion blogger

Romanian fashion blogger
What do you think?xoxoOzana

08. Eames chairs - Oct 31, 2014 5:59:00 PM
Hey, there, how are you? I just found out Greys isn't airing today, I will have to wait until the 6th, I think, so..bummer!! Let me just tell you something: I just ordered two Eames- looking chairs, and I have hub's ok, so, I couldn't be happier!  Check out some beautiful interiors:
..yes, my chairs will be black, so, yay!!

Mine will have arm rests like this, and my plan is to use them at the end of my kitchen table, too.

For now, I just ordered two black ones, the plan is to order four more, in white, if I like the quality.

I am anxiously awaiting to see how they compliment my glass table......hope they will match beautifully, at least in my head, they're best buds!:)
Images here.
Do you like Eames chairs?Have a great weekend, loves!!xoxo,Ozana

09. White and gold bar cart - Oct 28, 2014 2:45:00 PM
Hey, how are you all doing? It's such a gloomy day today, here, in Romania, so I decided to fight the lack of light:) and still take a few snaps of my new vintage bar cart. I couldn't be happier with it, although I am not using it for its original purpose; for my needs, it is just another place to display stuff (and one more place to dust!:). Here is the newest most loved spot in my living room:

I should get another planter, for now I just used a marker to add some fun!

I plan to use it for drinks and snacks as soon as I throw a party! I am going to show you how I style it then, this is it for now! What do you think?

10. Bar cart on big wheels - Oct 26, 2014 8:41:00 AM
Hey, happy Sunday!! I am back and I have a few minutes to share with you, so... I am thinking bar carts galore would do! I love bar carts, maybe because I haven't  had one yet and I was still craving one for years... Here are a few examples I love:
... a girlie one..
..a bit more serious, but still fun...

ooops, another girlie one:)...

..a bar cart should scream: PAAARTYY!!... and white and some gold, one of my favourites... a nightstand, fun!!! plus orchid and horse= big like!

I have always dreamt of having a beautiful vintage bar cart, gold for sure, with glass or some white, with some big wheels as in the last photo! I have looked for the perfect bar cart for ever, one that wouldn't involve selling my kidney. And I found it:

Oh, happy day!! I am waiting for it to arrive, next week I'll get to style it!!

Do you love bar carts, or, not so much? Do share!xoxo,Ozana
Images here.

11. Chinese prints are in!! - Oct 13, 2014 11:07:00 AM
Hello, there, how are you all??!My Chinese prints have arrived and I love them a lot, except they are not as I saw on the site... bummer.. and I cannot change them, as they are out of stock! What's the problem, you ask? Well, the background is not the same and I want to hang them together, so I was planning to have the same background so they look more alike... as you can see, it is not the case. I am left with a dilemma, what to do? If they were on stock I would buy another one, to hang three of them, with either a grey or a white background, but this is not the case...they are OUT OF STOCK!!:((I am thinking of painting the background for the cherry blossoms print a greyish green, with a touch of gold, cause that is how the other one looks...or just wait for the prints to be back on stock....

Here they are on the carpet in my living room.

...and here they are on the site.. better, right?
Also, I am planning to frame them in a thin simple gold frame, they will look way better, I hope. Here are some inspirational photos I love with chinoiserie prints framed, or even  framed wallpaper panels:

Inspirational pictures here.
What do you think my best solution is? Paint the white one or just wait for the prints to be back in stock? Also, my other dilemma is that the prints seem better as a group of three, and I only have two... any suggestions?Do share!!
12. Ordering pillows... - Oct 8, 2014 1:20:00 PM
I am still not over the decorating bug, and, although I am no decorator whatsoever, I can't stop changing things up in my mind or in real life... A year ago I had the housealmost fully decorated  and I stopped for a while, not looking for baskets, mirrors, art and the like, but secretly I still imagined all sorts of decors, pillows, rugs.... I think I am addicted..:)) With no budget at all, I can't stop ordering stuff, shhh, don't tell my husband!:) This time I pulled the trigger on some pillows:
...I have always wanted leaves on a pillow...

...this will go great with my diy bench and the Chinese prints I told you about here....

...this one's for, yes, you guessed it, my husband...

...and these...well, for the bedroom, maybe!:)

You can find more great stuff on Make. Me. Stop. Please.

13. Lately... - Oct 7, 2014 12:17:00 PM
Hello, I am starting this post on a whim, because I have just open my blogger and I felt I had to write, it has been too long! The girls and I have started school, so it has been a busy time for us, but that is no excuse, so... here I am, ready to talk to you.There have been a few additions to my place and I want to share them with you. I have already shown them on Instagram, so if you are a follower, you've already seen them, if not, you should!:)

Here is a shot of my living room, I love the way the plants look inside, I brought them from the yard, cause it's getting colder and colder...
The wall above the bench (you can see the tutorial of this diy bench here)  is waiting for two Chinese prints I just ordered...

... I am getting excited about how this place will look... I am going to order three woven baskets for under the bench, from Ikea, I think... Also, I finally got my hands on those two Moroccan stools I ordered a while back, I wanted to repaint them, but I am loving them as they are for now.. suggestions? Here is one as a plant stand:

Remember my plans for the family room? Nothing new on that front, except for the chandeliers, I finally got them up, well, hubs did:)

...the family room was initially the garage, but we changed it , so we had to install two chandeliers instead of one, this was the plan for the garage... I am not complaining!:))
This is all for today, I am going to start slow, so leave a comment so that I know I am not alone here!:)

14. Outdoor terrace styling - Aug 27, 2014 8:06:00 AM
Hi, there, I promised not to be lazy again, so, here is another post. It's about my house, again! It's easier to talk about stuff I see, so bare with me, I promise to have inspirational posts, too. Today I want to show you my coffee corner on the terrace; it's the place I relax and have coffee or just read a magazine while my daughters play around on the grass. I updated the chairs with paint and a new cushion, and I love them I decided to leave the table natural, for contrast.

I am surrounded by flowers, and I couldn't love it more!:)

I love the dark blue velvet cushion against the black of the chair!

I can keep an eye on the girls from here, it's a win-win situation, right?!

Have a great week!!xoxo, Ozana

15. Front door styling for summer - Aug 25, 2014 10:19:00 AM
It has been almost three months since I wrote on my blog and all I can say in my defense is that it was not intentional... I started this blog around the time I was getting ready to move into our new home, and, as I had a million plans and ideas, I always had something to say. Then..... life started happening, and ... I had a three-months break:) I loved it, but now I crave for your companionship, so... here's me with my hand out waving to you guys... hope you're still here!:)I got pretty much all the interior done, but the exterior lacked a little TLC. Summer was full, and we didn't get much done, just a few things.. among them, the front door. I haven't got the greenest thumb, but I managed to take care of some colourful  flowers. Yaay me!!

I really love this doormat, but my dog already tore it, you can see that line on the left...

I would have loved to own two beautiful urns for the front of the house, but for now I will settle for these two carved stumps my hubs brought home; I chose chrysanthemums for them, as they are autumn flowers and will last a while. In the beginning of the summer I had these:

They are some kind of begonias, I think. Look how much they grew:

...I hung them from our balcony, can you believe the flowers they have now???

We chose granite for the entry, and it turned out to be very high maintenance, it stains and it is pretty hard to clean... oh, well, at least it looks good!:)

My  bunny carrier flowers!:)

I made this rope plant hanger to lower the pot so that I could water it:)

We also set up a vegetable garden, there on the right, and now we have our own vegetables:


So, what have you all been up to this summer? Do share!


16. Diy: Diamond tufted bench - May 29, 2014 12:50:00 PM
Hello, is there anyone still here, hello, hello??!! I have been MIA for a while, this happened because... life moves so fast and after so many months of teaching at school and teaching at home.. I just got tired.. ..Now I am back and I want to show you what I have been up to: I made my own bench!! Yaaay!!I have used the same technique for the diamond tufts as I did for the headboard here, and I hurt my fingers again...:) the pulling of the buttons is so difficult!! I used my toile fabric I score a couple of months ago from a store that brings their fabrics from Germany. The legs still need to be painted, I think I am going to not paint them, I will leave them nude. And guess what?! A month ago I ordered two pillow covers and look how beautiful they go with my bench!!

I love the depth of the tufts, the foam I used was 10 cm thick .

I love that both the toile fabric of the bench and the fabric in the pillows have a special sheen , it is almost like satin...

I still need something for under the bench, maybe some baskets, a magazine/book arrangement, and for above the initial plan was this:

This is going to be changed... too much blue and the arrangement is also too tall, I think... we'll see where my inspiration takes me... thoughts?

17. Outdoor Semmelrock pavement - May 17, 2014 8:04:00 AM
Hi and happy Saturday!!Things are (hopefully) getting warm around here,( if only it would stop raining), so I am turning my head over to the outside area, meaning our yard! We have a large lawn area, and we plan to keep it as is, so that the girl can run around and play, but our alleys are unfinished, they remained in concrete state since we moved. So, after buying some flowers and some lights (that are still not up- hubby-grrr) I found some interesting paving , here is what caught my eye, images are from the Semmelrock site:
..this is nice...

...this one is the antiqued version, I love it, it's what I want...

..a lighter version, although I tend to favour dark... this!!

..similar to the one I have on my terrace...


...something more minimal..
Images here
Have a great weekend!xoxo,Ozana.

18. Dark floral wallpaper - May 11, 2014 1:57:00 PM
Ever since seeing this gorgeous powder room by talented Amber, I couldn't stop thinking of dark floral wall treatments, and, although initially I was sure I wouldn't find anything like it here in Romania, I was amazed to find some beautiful alternatives. 

I have always wanted wallpaper in my house, still, I haven't pulled the trigger yet, maybe it's time!! What's your take on dark floral wallpapers??Do share!!
Buy the wallpapers here.

19. For the love of credenzas - May 3, 2014 9:10:00 AM
Hello, there, my friends!I have had a few relaxing days, therefore the radio silence, but now I am back and I am ready to show you some beautiful interiors. As I was telling you in this post, spring cleaning and re-vamping led to me seriously needing to decorate my family room (ex-garage). First it was about the curtains, I used the ones I had in the living room, then I needed a storage unit. This led to getting an old credenza from my in-laws. There are two storage units, in fact, but I am using them as a long credenza and I have plans to transform it. More on that later. For now, here are some beautiful examples of wooden credenzas: words needed for this one...

2I love the warm colour of the credenza here, and paired with the pink it looks yummy...

3...I like the mid-century vibe of this room...

4...this is just stunning, unfortunately there is no way I could even dream this big:(....

Now, for my plans for the credenza, I am going to use the doors of the storage unit I got from my in-laws, and I am going to have a carpenter build the frame for the unit, then I plan to paint it white...I would also paint it a matte black, but I am dreading the dust...I have a black counter top in the living room wall unit and it is so high maintenance keeping it dust-free...So I am leaning towards white.. like here, only the frame would be thicker:

Here is my unit now:

 ..and this is how I plan to transform it (free-hand drawing..:)7I plan to use a metal base.
Again, these are my plans...What do you think? Any suggestions?Do share!!

20. Go shop rugs, chairs and stools!! - Apr 29, 2014 7:26:00 PM
I have been perusing the internet in search of... stuff, and found some really cool things, and, though I have no budget for them all, I thought I'd share them with you. This will be especially useful for my Romanian readers, as they have the possibility to buy them. First, a selection of rugs:

..this is my fave, here.


..this delicious x-stool is gorgeous, I want to order a bench in black!here

I have  a crush on this chair... I'd snag four of them, which is exactly how many the seller has
Now, go shop!!

21. Snake plant on my credenza - Apr 25, 2014 6:20:00 PM
So... I have two sick kids, nothing too serious, but..still, when your kids are sick everything is messed up... And the family room is still as I have showed you in the previous post, nothing new, but my mind can't stop thinking of decorating it... I planned another post for today, but, as I have just received some plants, I'll be changing my plan and talk to you about them. I love plants and really try not to kill them, but I do sometimes... Let's hope I won't do it to the ones I have received.Snake plants are supposed to be potted in big pots containing many leaves and I plan to do this, but for now, my snake plant pot looks like this:

...and I am happy with it!!

Together with the snake plant I also received two small rubber tree branches that I am supposed to keep in water until they develop roots...let's see how this goes:) Now, about the rubber tree, I had no idea it was called like this, I have always thought it was some kind of fiddle leaf tree. It is in the "ficus" family, so I guess they are related! Tired of the botanical lesson? No problem, here are some beautiful images with snake plants:




I love them all, what about you?? Do share!

22. Plans for the ex-garage- family room to be - Apr 22, 2014 1:18:00 PM

Now that Easter is over, we can all get back to business, right?!! I told you in the previous post that I made some small changes to the living room, I hung new window treatments and the old ones got moved to the former garage. Why am I calling it this way? Well, because we initially planned to have a garage, and after we build the house we decided we didn't really need one, installed three-panel windows and transformed into a room. Now, after a year of using the space as a place to-dry-clothes-in and after putting up drapes and sheers, I began looking at the room differently, it became a ROOM in desperate need of furniture. My budget for this room is... nada-zero-yo-no-tengo-dinero, so, as I am so inspired and , well, smart (!!!!:)))) I came up with a solution: borrow furniture!! I convinced hubby and send him to his parents' house to take some old pieces of furniture they no longer needed, gave them a good cleaning, styled it with some things I had lying around the house, and now, I am pretty sure these pieces are here to stay and my in-laws won't be receiving them back!:))

The plan is to change these two pieces and transform them into a long credenza, keep the doors and have a carpenter make a black credenza and attach the doors. I think the black will complement the cognac colours of the doors beautifully. I am thinking of introducing some drawers in the middle, maybe. I have a vision, I will let you know in another post about it!:) Black wood, detailed cognac doors and a metal base, this is my vision!!
Next to this "credenza", on the left, there is my monster wall-to-wall dresser with three sliding doors, of which the middle one is mirrored, and I love it because it literally doubles the room!!

Reflected in the mirror you can finally see the colour of the drapes, it is blush taffeta and the sheers are gold, they don't allow much light in the room, but that is ok, because the windows are huge! The entire room is big, and I have to find a really long sofa, I think I want a sofa for this room, not a sectional. A sofa and an armchair and a chair, maybe...still a lot to figure out!:) Here is my old sofa, we bought this tiny thing when we first moved into our apartments, as newlyweds, and we had to settle on such a tiny sofa because of the lack of space. Now, in such a big room, it seems even smaller! It opens into a bed, or, to be honest, it opened, cause now it is broken, but that's no problem, we need it as a sofa, not as a bed! The cover is old, therefore I used the duvet from my bedroom to hide it, and I think it looks cute with my new zebra pillows, don't  you think?!:)

This is part of the plans I have for this room, I shall call it the FAMILY ROOM, because ex-garage is so blah!:) In the next posts I shall be sharing lighting choices, fabrics and rugs! Follow along if you like, I will be happy if you do!

23. Return to the beginning - Apr 17, 2014 9:31:00 AM
Hello, there, friends!!There are just a few days till Easter, and instead of finishing my cleaning and planning meals, I am blogging and re-watching Grey's Anatomy episodes... I tell you, I am learning their lines!!:)) Decor-related I have already changed the window treatments in the living room, and I couldn't be happier, I am slowly coming back to my initial mood board!! With no budget at all, I can only plan for now. Looking at this mood board, I can see I need some more stuff:

The armchairs and the coffee table have already been painted black, and the look so much better, I have the grey sectional, the wall unit and the chandelier. For the past year I have had a grey Berber-style shag rug which I love, but now I dream of throwing in the pink. This one, I think:

here...or this one..
I am going to pass on the cowhide, because my husband doesn't like the smell (???what???), and I still need a pink chair ...and I'm all set!! Also, I dream of finally buying a piece of marble to put on top of the coffee table... I keep procrastinating!!:)What have I added to the original mood board? Well, a bench for this wall:

.....and a gallery wall too:
I am going to do this arrangement and the bench is going under it!!I am planning to get some legs and diy a tufted bench in a deep green velvet, like the velvet in the armchairs:

It is proving impossible to capture the colour of the curtains, it's a deep green-hunter's green combo I just love, it feels so spring!!The amount of light that floods the room is amazing, my previous golden sheers were blocking all the light!!! I am so happy with the change!!

Here is the rug, which is great, and will be moved somewhere else, as soon as I buy the pink one!! It is going to look great, don't you think??I am also needing a big plant on the right of the sectional and I have to decide whether to keep that big art above the sectional:Here is it, together with the "old look"of the living room, blush drapes and all....
I'm excited!! Are you??xoxo,Ozana 
24. Fun rugs for spring - Apr 15, 2014 6:03:00 PM
Spring has always been the time to change things up, either in your home or in your personal style, and for me this day has been the day!! I have just completed some changes in the living room and I couldn't be happier!! It was just getting back to the original plan, and it just proves that I should have followed my gut and just do it from the beginning!! A year later, and I've done it!! More on that in the following post!Today: rugs!! Happy, colourful, vibrant rugs!! Rug Vista is the name of the site where I bought my living room Berber-style shaggy rug, and I couldn't be happier!! Because I am dreaming about a rug for the room I have yet to decorate, the former garage, I surfed the Rug Vista page and found these gorgeous rugs:







Tell me these rugs don't make you smile!!:)

25. Art wall for the living room - Apr 5, 2014 9:53:00 AM
Hey, it's been a while, right?!! I hope you are still out there, least a few of you!!Today I am showing you my plan for an empty wall in the living room. It partially separates the living room from the kitchen, and I had plans for a bench and a big mirror, but then it striked me I could do an art wall... I have a few arrangements in mind, and I could show you inspirational photos from the web, but I thing that showing you the actual paintings I plan to use is more efficient. Here they are, arranged on the kitchen floor:

Arrangement #1

Arrangement #2

Arrangement #3

Arrangement #4
One of these arrangements is going on this empty wall that partially divides the kitchen and the living room:

..this is the view from the sectional in the living room...

I am also planning some other changes for the living room, involving curtains and sheers, maybe a new rug?! Hm, I have no budget for the rug, but a girl can dream, right?!:)
So: I NEED YOUR HELP with the wall arrangement, which one do you think will work better?? Do help with your opinion, please!
Which arrangement is your favourite? I like them all, I tend to favour #1, though!!
Do share!!xoxo,Ozana