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Cristina Gherghel

Sunt în continuă dezvoltare și creștere spirituală. Știu ce fac și de ce. Știu ce-i în inima mea. Cred că există o putere absolută care lucre...

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Books by Cristina G.

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Dreams do Come True if You Never Give Up on Them


In December 2016, I have self-published my very first memoir called Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country.

Since then I published 13 books on various genre.  

Some of them were started to be written the in November of the previous year (2015). 

All these titles can be found on in both electronic and paperback versions.

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Novels & Short and not-so-short funny & tragic stories 

  • Half my Age plus Seven - A Sinful Confession
  • Half my Age plus Seven - Too Good to be True
  • iLive
  • God is Weary 


Biographies, Self-Help –True to Fact Stories – Inspirational and Motivational Books 

  • Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country - 2nd Edition
  • Ten Years in Italy, Thee Weeks a Human (Three Weeks in Asiago) + 3 Weeks in Asiago
  • Humans Cursed by Geography 
  • Childless: How to Cope with Endometriosis & Vulvodynia - Holistic Approach
  • Racism Without Racists
  • Author for Life or for a Living? - Manifesto for Real Writers 
  • It's Never Game Over - An Informal Self-Help publication


In Romanian

These books were published on CreateSpace only in paperback version because Amazon doesn’t support books in my language. Yet. 

  • Îmi Curg Mucii Deci Exist 
  • 41 de Rețete Dulci și Sărate de Sarbatori
  • 41 de Rețete Practice și Simple de Borșuri
  • 41 de Rețete Dulci și Sărate de Post

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