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Fake it 'till you become it

Mi-am deschis bloggul din curiozitate... apoi a devenit o pasiune... si apoi un obicei.

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01. Work-life balance as a lifestyle - May 1, 2021 5:00:00 AM

It is not the first time when I am writing about work-life balance. Why? Because I’ve studied it a lot (even before it became a fancy topic on business) because I like it, and I need it.

Previous year thought us to pay more attention to ourself and our health. And work-life balance is part of our mental health.

It is nice to be devoted to your career, but it is also important to pay more attention to your personal life. A healthy company doesn’t encourage workaholism, so be careful about what roles you choose.

Having this kind of balance is not like an objective that you achieve and you go further. It’s more like a lifestyle where you do small changes and builds constant behaviors. You spend more time with your family or with your friends, find new hobbies or take more care of your body.

Work-life balance doesn’t mean that you have to completely split these two domains. It means more to find how you can harmoniously combine them.

Find some activities to relax when you came back home. Make friends with your work colleagues and have some activities with them (not work-related). During the weekend, answer some emails from work if needed, but do it only if you want to. When you do a thing as an obligation, this will make you a bad feeling and it will hurt more than the time spent with the email.

I have a lot of friends or relatives that are complaining about their jobs. I advise them to find a job that makes them happy, a team where they feel appreciated and a place that fits with their values.

To sustain this, it might work another psychology concept: work-family enrichment. It refers to that situations when the well-being of your professional life would influence the well-being of your personal life and vice-versa.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life” it is said. And it is true. When you don’t feel your work is an obligation, this won’t affect your mood. And you have a good mood, you find a balance.

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02. How can you use smarter Linkedin when you want a job? - Apr 23, 2021 3:07:00 PM

Nowadays, we use Linkedin more and more for a job - as a recruiter, but also as a candidate.

During the pandemic, #opentowork helped us to see easily the candidates who need a new job. But only this doesn’t ensure that we reach the right people.

We have to understand how to use Linkedin and to optimize what we are doing there.

Here are some tips - they don’t cover everything but are probably the most common mistakes.

Mention your location. It is important to know that you are looking for a job in Iasi if you live there, not into entire Romania;Mention details regarding your previous jobs. It doesn’t help to mention only the name of the job, the company and the period, because these don’t tell me anything about what you know to do;Check what skills you mention. Are they up to date? Or they are relevant to what you want for a job?Write a friendly message when you request a connection from a recruiter. It helps the other side person to understand what are you looking for and to remember your profile easily;Check your Linkedin profile frequently to answer the messages;Make visible your contact details. If you want to be contacted by recruiters, make easier their job and mention your email and/or phone number;Request connections from relevant people for your domain. I understand that you are looking for a job, but if you work in sales, it won’t help you to have on your network a lot of IT recruiters.

What about you, what is the biggest lesson you learned on using LinkedIn for your professional development?

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03. If you don’t love yourself - Apr 9, 2021 5:16:00 PM

Nobody else will do.

We were not raised to love ourselves. Because loving ourselves can make us selfish, proud, or arrogant. Because loving ourselves won't let us want more from ourselves and to push our limits. And probably this is not ok for some people :D

When I started with the personal development process, I understood that ”being the best” is not the most desired thing. But ”being the best for myself” it is. If the difference is too subtle, let me say it more clear: you can be the best in front of others, but you can’t like yourself. This will make you not consider yourself being the best and you will be unhappy.

Self-love is the feeling of acceptance when you look or think about yourself. Also, it can be felt as confidence, positivity, or happiness.

Sometimes, we feel it easier to love others than to love ourselves. Loving yourself is not easy, but it can be learned with constant practice.

 So, let’s see some things that can be done:

Don’t compare yourself to others. Each of us has a thing where we are the best and this makes us different. In Romanian, we have a saying ”you can’t compare apples with pears”.Know and value your strengths. We all have gifts, but sometimes we might forget them. Be honest with yourself, but pay more attention to your qualities.Be kind with your mistakes. Sometimes we tend to be hard with ourselves. It would be easier probably to focus on things we can improve and what we learn from each mistake.Forgive yourself, heal yourself and be grateful for what you are.Do fun things and spend time with your hobbies. This will make you positive and it will give you a purpose.Accept that some people won’t like you. It’s ok because you also don’t like everybody.Write your successes. Some years ago, I started to use a jar with good things and it feels so amazing when you read all the notes and you remember all that good momentsExpress your feelings. Maybe we didn’t grow into an environment where we felt comfortable sharing how we feel. And as adults, it became difficult to do this. What you can do is to be conscious about how you feel inside and try to show it outside (even if is awkward in the beginning).Take care of your body. When you feel good physically, it is easier to be comfortable emotionally.Find a support team. Your family, some friends, or some specialists (as therapists) - it has to be somebody on whom you can count when you need support.

When I started to pay more attention to myself and to be kind to me, there were people around me that didn’t understand me. I received reactions like ”why didn’t do that?” or ”how have you done that mistake?”. And I learned to answer that ”for me, it is not important what it was because I can’t change it; I focus on what I do in the future”.

Take care of yourself!

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04. How can you read more - Mar 26, 2021 3:47:00 PM

When I was a child, I didn’t like to read. I am not sure why, but probably I didn’t find interesting most of the needed lectures from school. And the fact that some books were ”mandatory” and it was pressure to read them all during some months didn’t fit me.

But I remember that during high school, on a summer, I read all the novels that were mandatory for the final exam from high school. And there were at least 5 big volumes.

During faculty, I started to read more and more personal development and specialty books. On the literature, I made a passion for different authors and I used to read all the books from the market from that author. And then change the author.

During last years I started to put myself a target with how many books to read.

If you want to read more, here what you can do:

Be flexible in the format of the book. Try some digital books - it can suits the moments when you are in traffic or you are waiting for a doctor.Borrow books. It can be easier for your budget and you can save also some space.Quit a book if you don’t like it. This can make you read with more pleasure than books relevant to you.Read actively. Take notes during a reading with important ideas or quotes from different authors.Make a Goodreads account and follow your progress on a reading challenge. Also, there you can find and offer reviews on books.Apply for a book club or an online reading community. It helps you with ideas, news or just finding a partner with the same hobby.Follow e-commerce websites for promotions and discounts.On your calendar, choose a certain hour / day for reading.Buy books and make them presents. In this way, you will encourage the same habit for your friends.

As a child, I think that the habit of reading has to be learned in the family. As a parent, you have the duty to buy interesting books for your child, to read them with your child, or to encourage him/her to share opinions about the books.

If a child doesn’t love reading from family, he/she won’t love it at school.

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05. What makes your personality attractive? - Mar 19, 2021 4:21:00 PM

Attractiveness is not only about physical appearance. It is also about our personality, about how we interact with others, or about how we express ourselves.

With some of these, we are born, but for sure we can develop most of them. Think about these ones:

Being a good discussion partner. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Be approachable, make eye contact, and listen actively.Propose subjects to discuss. Quiet moments are awkward. Break them with some simple themes that might interest your partner.Optimistic mindset. We don’t like people who complain a lot. And we will avoid them as much as we can. Be kind, be happy, and be calm.Be open to new things. Accept to visit new places or to meet new people. Accept them with a smile on your face and be sociable.Being confident. This shows high self-esteem, a strong personality, and a clear image of what you want.Use your humor. It is not only about your laugh. But also this makes the other person feel more relaxed.Wear colors. Maybe you know what do the colors mean. But despite this, wear a color which fits you and people will remember you easier.Be available. Offer your support, propose a follow-up session, or just let the other know that he/she can call you whenever it will need.Be careful with the body language. Keep your body (your chest) open to your partner and your arms uncrossed.

You can check here some biological reasons for being attracted to someone. The one with similarity I remember from the faculty; I read at that moment some researches on this.

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06. How to win respect - Mar 5, 2021 7:21:00 PM

As human beings, we have a need to be liked and respected by our peers.

To earn respect, you need to work on it and it takes time.

Of course, it depends on the others, but it counts a lot what are you doing. And here are some things I’ve learned:

- Share your victories. Give others a reason to respect yourself. Some of them probably see our victories; some don’t. Make it easier for the last ones and let them know your success. But be careful not to be arrogant.

- Stop complaining and excuse yourself. All of us have bad moments or we can be wrong. But if you use to emphasize this in front of the others, it can make them feel sorry for you or they can be annoyed because of you. And this is far away from respect.

- Be mannered. Don’t speak too loud, don’t gossip or focus on listening to the others. These will help you to make a good impression.

- Have a general culture. Use to read, go to the theather, watch relevant TV shows. These will help you to have good conversations with others.

- Check your emotional reactions and your body language. Maybe it is not into your intentions, but it happens to express more than you think in this manner.

- Be careful how and what you express verbally. Don’t be aggressive, but be firm in your speech. In a relationship, keep your promises. Find a tone in your voice that fits with what you want to tell the others.

- Check your physical presence. We make an impression during the first 5 seconds when someone meets us. We don’t have a second chance on this. Of course, we don’t have to dress differently from how we are. But we just to be aware that the way we dress sends a message on behalf of us.

Do you want a longer list of tips? Here you have: article.

But probably the first step to gaining respect from others is… to respect yourself. When you invest yourself with respect, you transmit to others that it is ok to do also this.

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07. Building resilience - Feb 26, 2021 5:54:00 PM

2020 thought us a huge lesson - resilience. We learn how to adapt to the way of living, to face some difficult situations, and to continue our daily activity. We became better, stronger, and more aware of ourselves. We found new resources and we made new discoveries.

The most resilient persons are the ones who used the breaks from this year to reconnect with themselves and to be grateful for what they have.

Sometimes maybe we want to forget the year 2020. But I think that we will win a lot if we will remember this year's lesson and we will apply during the next years.

In science, art, or sports, there are a lot of examples of people who failed a lot until they had a big success. Why they didn’t quit after the first loss? Because they were resilient.

Resilient people learned from their mistakes and moved forward. They take challenges, they are committed to the work and they have strong control over themselves. They have a positive mindset, strong goals, and good interpersonal qualities (such as empathy).

Ok, we admit that resilience is good, but how do we build it? Here are some steps:

Take care of your mind and your body. Sleep enough, do sports and learn to manage stress. Establish a work-life balance.Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Especially when things go wrong.Learn from your mistakes and failures. Positive and constructive thinking helps a lot.If panic, find some anchors to remain calm and to find a solution. Most of the problems can be solved.Set some growth objectives, but also learn how to be flexible on them.Build your self-confidence and your belief that you can succeed in any situation.Develop strong relationships. In a difficult moment, it helps us to have a support group with real friends that can listen to us and helps us.

Into an organization, resilience can be developed by the values promoted: respect, transparency in leadership, growth, and trust.

On this topic, some recommendations regarding workplace resilience: 1 and 2 .

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08. Workplace Habits - Feb 12, 2021 5:40:00 PM

It is easy to set up some goals, but difficult to achieve them. It is easy to propose some habits, but difficult to maintain them.

It sounds familiar to you? Maybe they seem to be more difficult when we are talking about habits from the workplace.

Making good habits can influence a lot our success. You don’t need big habits because you can start also with some small ones.

It can help if you focus only on some habits (start with only one, for eg.), do it with a certain frequency (at least 30 days) and correlate it with some new ones (when you achieve them). These will make you more confident and it will encourage you for bigger objectives.

So, let’s see what kind of new habits we can establish at work if we don’t have them until now:

Lunch break - important for your health, but also it can help you to socialise with your team (if you are at the office). And drink water - at least 2l per dayDaily stand-ups or weekly meetings with the team - for updates, priorities, and obstacles from the activityCleaning up your office - throw all the not important things you have on your office and keep it clean(But also) Personalise your desk - put some pictures or some flowers on itRead weekly a business article or some news relates to your workGrow your relationship with people - make some small-talk related to personal situations (like the family news) or share things you foundTake new tasks or learn how to be more independent on the ones you already haveMonitor your progress - check your KPIs and analyse your development objectives (not only at the end of the year)An inbox with zero unread messages - it can be useful to be on time with all the tasks / newsIn the end, some books recommendation: The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits. Also, an article on how to seat work boundaries.

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09. Women vs. Men - who is better? - Feb 6, 2021 6:00:00 AM

First, Happy birthday to the most important woman from my life - my mom! 🥳

Then, some result from my readings:

Women live longer than maleWomen have a stronger immune systemWomen have a lower incidence of some diseases (such as cancer)Women are better to survive a traumaWomen have better senses of smell and tasteWomen care more about being than doing. They value intimacy above actionWomen choose wisely (selectively) their relationshipsWomen tend to use more words and use to talk to communicate feelings and thoughtsWomen want equity and submissionWomen prefer modesty and protectionMen are more muscular than womenMale metabolism burns calories fasterMen are more active during nightsMen usually have more red blood cells Men have denser, stronger bones, tendons, and ligamentsMales are born more than women - the ‘expected’ sex ratio at birth is around 105 males per 100 females (but they die more than girls)Males are more determined to deliver the goodsMen need to know what’s next and they anxious to move on to the next thing.Men are competitive and dominantMen are initiators

Rources for these: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 and 7 .

For a more complex overview of the problem, some books recommendations: Men are from Mars , Pink Brain , Why men don’t listen .

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10. About toxic relationships - Jan 29, 2021 4:38:00 PM

People might look nice and sweet at the beginning, but with time some of them can prove they have hidden intentions. And I must say that only ”some of them” have.

Some of them can be selfish or narcissists. They can love to talk about themselves and to do things only for their own benefit. And the most uncomfortable is when they use frequently your resources (your time, your energy, your knowledge) for their benefits without any reward for you.

This distracts you from being productive. They can discourage you, emphasize your failures, or not being supportive of your needs. And they do this to manipulate you.

When you use to sum up all your relation, you understand that you lost enough and you have to break it. You can also forget this person and move on. It is for your benefit.

Easy to say, but how you can eliminate toxic people?

Identify the toxicity. Identify the person who harms you and understand in what way he/she influences you. If you don’t put a name on that harm, the other person won’t assume any responsibility for your feelings and they don’t use to apologize.Set boundaries and be consistent with this. If you took a decision to break a relationship, respect it. Don’t check that person on Facebook, don’t call it or don’t text it. And don’t answer it when he/she tries to talk to you for at least a while (until you are sure that you are ”healed”).People might tell you that you changed yourself or that you are not nice anymore. Accept this because they are right. ”Nice” can be seen differently by people and a change can be also a positive one, right?Focus on yourself, not on saving others. Toxic people use to scream frequently for help and they want you to be there. Change this and make it a priority only for your needs. Let them solve their problem on their own. Don’t let them feel you responsible for their problems.Understand the breakup. All of us need relationships because we are human beings. But we can choose what relationships are good for us and let go of the ones who bring us pain. For your emotional health, speak nicely about these persons. Move on and focus on new relationships.

Some relationships can be more difficult than others (especially the family ones). But when you are not ok in that relationship, it’s time to make some decisions and to change yourself.

A TEDx on this topic here

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11. If you want to be happy… be! - Jan 23, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Even if you are at work.

Nowadays I see a lot of people that feel sad or unhappy when they are talking about their work. But why?

We have the chance to choose our career. So why are we unhappy when we are thinking about going to work?

If it is about how we feel at work, maybe we just have to change some daily habits.

Here is a shortlist with some ideas:

Choose wisely the people near you. If you can, try to work with people with a growth mindset. They have a nice attitude and this will make you feel great.Be focused on time spent at work. Doing relevant things makes us feel good. Results make us feel relevant. So try to cut the ”death-times” and avoid moments when you just lose time.Try to not control everything. Because you can’t do this and this will frustrate you. Understand that you have only some expertise area and others which can be improved.Learn from the past and hope for the future. Set some objectives and work for your wishes. This helps you to grow and believe in some dreams.Don’t waste your energy with gossip or irrelevant actions.Keep in your office only good, beautiful, or useful objects. In this way, you will keep a clean and clear office.Smile more, share easier, and love people.In the end, a TEDxTalk recommendation about relevant and important people around us.

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12. The Coffee Bean - Jan 17, 2021 5:44:00 PM

At the beginning of a class, a teacher asked his students:

    What is happening with a carrot when you put it in hot water?

    After a while, it melts.

    Ok. And what is happening with an egg when you put it in hot water?

    After a while, he got harden.

    Ok. And what is happening with a coffee bean when you put it in hot water?

    After a while, it turns in into a coffee.

    We face the same situation with people.

When we live in a bad environment (the hot water), we can be a carrot and we become melted. Or we can be an egg and become hardened. Or we can be a coffee bean and transform the environment into a coffee.

It is our decision to become weakened by the environment, hardened, or to change the environment on our own.

The complete story can be found in The Coffee Bean, by Jon Gordon and Damon West.

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PS: this is my 501 post ❤️

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13. My commitments for 2021 - Jan 15, 2021 6:00:00 AM
More self-love and self-respectGive more feedback and express more gratitudeFocus on relevant and real relationshipsMore courage and more chancesHug more and smile more sincerelyBe more elegant and with attitudeHelp and love others moreCreate more impactRead and write moreSearch for beauty and take more photosEat healthily and do sports


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14. Gender Bias in the Workplace - Jan 8, 2021 3:30:00 PM

Think about a great CEO - a great leader, powerful, well-dressed; with a suitcase, a cellphone, and a laptop. It is a man or a woman?

According to Fortune 500, the 2017 ranking includes 32 female CEOs - and that was a record because during previous years there were only 21.

To avoid gender bias in the hiring process, there are some things you can do:

Check the job descriptions. Encourage both males and females to apply and ask them relevant information for the role;Use standardized selection procedures. Choose methods that are resistant to bias like structured interviews and job knowledge tests;Use blind auditions to hide the applicant's gender;Do some statistics to see the actual company’s structure;Propose some objective on gender balance.

It is not only a fancy thing to militate for gender-balanced because it is proved that males and females bring different values to their teams. Because of this, any team needs equally men or women.

Women are great leaders, but also natural mediators for conflicts. They have patience and they are team-oriented. They have good communication skills and they pay attention to the work-life balance - and we need this so much into the management level. So encourage each woman next to you to be brave and grow into her career.

On the other side, males are more technical and objective-oriented.  They can have courage, can be good competitors, and can bring innovation into a team. They can be more flexible on business needs (like business trips or late-hour meetings) and this can make them be preferred for management roles in some industries.

In the end, an interesting article with differences between countries led by women during COVID.

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15. Advice for my younger version - Jan 2, 2021 6:00:00 AM

(Instead of New Year Resolutions)

If I would be 15, it would help me with this advice:

Try everything you want. You have enough time to make errors and to start it again. Try it in small changes and the damage won’t be too big.Meet a lot of people, but… count only on some of them as being your closest friends.Some people might disappoint you. It happens. Move on.Express yourself more. You can feel better in this way.Accept what and how you are. Nobody will love you more than yourself.Sometimes you can criticize yourself more than others do. Stop this.Find your values. And respect them no matter what.Trust your feelings. Your relatives might advise, but they don’t feel a situation the same as you do.Learn from everything around you. But assess what is good for you. And find a balance between learning and fun.Work constantly on your dreams. Don’t count on luck.Make objectives on long-therm. Only these persons can ”grow up”.Be patient, rest enough, and eat healthily.Smile honestly. This will make you feel better and the people around you will like being in your company.Make sports… or better: dance.Don’t be too kind. Not all people understand this properly and they might use you.

Do you remember these songs?

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16. Let's have a strong and a peaceful year! - Jan 1, 2021 5:00:00 AM

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17. What a year - Dec 31, 2020 6:00:00 AM

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2020 was a year that challenged us a lot.

We learned how to adapt to the new way of living, to pay more attention to ourselves, and to find new resources.

If I would have to describe this year in some words, these would be:

Insecurity and hopeAwareness and assumingFind and discoveryDistance and proximityResponsibility and balancePeople and choicesAcceptance and understandingDisconnecting and reconnectingEndings and beginningsAbout us and about gratitude

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And because this year was my 30th anniversary, this is what I learned until now.
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18. 20 awesome books for a 2020-awesome year - Dec 26, 2020 6:00:00 AM
Gaspar Gyorgy - Suflete de sticla (bonus Love is Fun)Agnes Martin-Lugand - Ceea ce nu poate fi ascuns (bonus Gaseste puterea sa mergi mai departe)Honore de Balzac - Femeia la 30 de aniDominica Petrovai - Iubeste si fii iubitaStefanie Stahl - Vindecarea copilului interiorMarshall Goldshmith - TriggersJames Clear - Atomic HabitsHans Rosling - FactfullnessRegina Maria - Povestea vietii meleDelia Owens - Acolo unde canta raciiFredrik Backman - Bunica mi-a zis sa-ti spun ca-i pare rauGabrielle Bernstein - Detoxificarea spiritualaElif Shafak - Cum sa ramai lucid intr-o epoca a dezbinariiIchiro Kishimi - Curajul de a nu fi pe placul celorlaltiDalai Lama - Cartea compasiuniiMarkus Zusak - Hotul de cartiElizabeth Gilbert - Orasul fetelorTatiana Tibuleac - Vara in care mama a avut ochii verziLiviana Tane - Ghidul scriitorului incepatorChristie Watson - Acolo unde femeile sunt regiYou can check also the recommendations from the previous year here.

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19. Un Craciun de poveste va doresc! - Dec 24, 2020 5:00:00 AM
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20. How to be employable as a junior? - Dec 19, 2020 5:00:00 AM

 When you are a junior, it can be difficult to find a job. It is not a new thing; it always has been difficult.

It can depend on some social events or it can depend on the domain, but there are things that every candidate can do:

Being perseverant: apply to each job you see and suits you, be in contact with relevant persons, search and be present at all the important events in your domain. I remember when I got my first job. Besides the application to job boards, I send spontaneous applications to a lot of companies (probably around 50) and I received… only 1 answer. A ”no”. I knew all the job fairs from the city and I had over 500 connections on Linkedin since then.Attention to details: know the company, read the JD, prepare carefully your CV. Make a list of all the jobs you apply for. Before you go to an interview, read the job requirements, and analyze what fits you. Put into your CV only the relevant details regarding your profile and arrange it properly.Being reliable: if you have a deadline to solve a problem, respect it. It is a thing that makes the difference between you and other candidates that find a job. It is not HR’s task to send you reminders. You are not anymore in the college where if you don’t send a project, you can solve it next week. Now, companies will choose another candidate.Attitude - probably you heard a lot that you are a smart guy and you deserve a super-job. I can agree with this only if you can demonstrate this. Nowadays, there are a lot of young people who graduate from a faculty, so a diploma is not anymore a thing so difficult to obtain like it was for our parents. If you didn’t work a day into your life, maybe during faculty you didn’t have any internship or you didn’t participate in any special contest, how can a company give you a ”blank check”?Let a ”door open” - answer to the messages, announce them if you received another offer, ask for an extra-time when needed. The job market is not so big and you can come back to the same company in the future. If you want to be welcome, be sure you did not put yourself on a black-list.Balance your requirements. You can have great salary expectations or you can want to work only-remote. But are you sure that you can work properly and offer something relevant to the company? Be aware that every requirement you have must be justified with something you offer to the company.Have some goals in your mind. Express them, but also work for them. Set some priorities and put the recruitment process between them.

From the recruiter position, I saw on interviews hundreds of juniors. Now I know that I will sustain more a junior who maybe is average as knowledge but with a good attitude than an arrogant candidate with good skills. Because knowledge can be growth, but attitude can’t be changed easily from a certain age.

I don’t know if it is good or bad, but this would my choice.

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21. Organizational pride - it is real? - Dec 4, 2020 3:24:00 PM

Imagine that you are reading an article from your company’s website with a testimonial about how great it is working in your company.

How does this make you feel? Do you agree with it? Do you feel proud of working in your company?

If you don’t have positive emotions on this, it is possible to not being in the right professional place.

Organizational pride is a vital factor in business success. It can be a short-therm emotion related to a successful event from the organization; but also, it can be a long-term attitude correlated to a general perception of the organization. Researches in this domain showed that there is a strong relationship between emotional organizational pride and attitudinal organizational pride; it has a direct effect on the commitment to customer service and turnover intention.

But why this organizational pride happens? Because people feel that they can impact the decision-making process and they feel that they can accomplish their work.

They have a clear image of the organizational strategy and they feel that they can bring value to the future of the team.

People need to feel proud of what they do, of the place where they work, or of the brand they represent.

When there is a lack of organizational pride, it is possible to raise the turnover and absenteeism, but the satisfaction and the performance can decrease.

It is not easy to assess objectively organizational pride, but for sure it can be a good predictor for many companies' success.

Some steps to build organizational pride can be found here.

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22. Believe in Gratitude - Nov 26, 2020 5:00:00 AM

People who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed. Gratitude writing can be beneficial not just for healthy, well-adjusted individuals, but also for those who struggle with mental health concerns.

Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what you have. It is a recognition of a value and it is an expression of being kind. Grateful people feel less stress and experience healthier relationships.

Gratitude is something between an emotion, a feeling, and a personality trait - it boosts happiness, it can be a daily habit or a temporary trait.

So, what to do to cultivate gratitude?

Start with noticing the goodness in your life. And appreciative it in a real wayTake photos with things you are thankful forKeep a journal with good things that happened to you during the dayWrite thank-you notes / messagesMake connections with people you meet - smile sincerely and talk deeply with them and offer your supportIn the end, a listening recommendation

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23. TEDx Talks I love - Nov 20, 2020 4:06:00 PM

Or some of the talks that made my day.

I tried to put equally foreign and Romanian speakers and I tried to limit to only 10 recommendations. So here is my list:

Stacey Flowers - The 5 People You Need To Be Happy

People you need in life: a cheerleader (a person who believes in you, when you don’t), a mentor (the person who shows you the direction), a coach (a person who can be a little bit uncomfortable, but it brings you maximum potential), a friend (a person who knows your deepest desires), a peer (a person who helps you in social situations).

Yvonne Orji  - The wait is sexy 

Stand up for your core values, even if people will say to you that you have too high standards.

Simon Sinek - Start with why. How great leaders inspire action 

Why? How? What?

Amy Edmondson - Building a psychologically safe workplace 

It is ok to speak up, especially at work. Mistakes make us better.

Nigel Marsh - How to make work-life balance work 

Small investments in the right places will improve your work-life balance.

Delia Virga - Fericirea la locul de munca 

I admire this teacher since I was a student. I followed her research and I enjoyed this talk. So, embrace your peers.

Daniel David - Despre liberul arbitru 

The illusion of our free-choices

Dragos Iliescu - Pimping out the theory 

Theory is good. It is the fundamental of our knowledge.

Gaspar Gyorgy - Si Eu 

Making connections can heal us.

Andreea Raicu - Masca perfectiunii ascunde depresie si nefericire 

Being always perfect can make you unhappy.

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24. Employee experience - nowadays reality - Nov 13, 2020 3:29:00 PM

Due to the Coronavirus crises, the organizational climate changed a lot.

We are now more used to work-from-home, to have online calls with the team, or to deliver projects online.

Although most of the companies tried to follow the same routine as they had during the previous years, they changed a lot in terms of benefits of internal events.

So, let’s see what kind of messages receive employees from the company:

Focus on safety and well-beingDevelop authentic relationships with the peersRedefine the successBe more responsible on what you deliverWe care more - about our peers or our clients

We sometimes missed the face-to-face meetings, but also we like the comfort of working remotely.

There are some months since we changed our way of living. Because of this, we already accommodate these changes and also the companies did.

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25. Do the recruiters lie? - Nov 5, 2020 6:24:00 PM

Some of them - might lie.

I know that maybe it is not a good answer, but let’s admit that in some situations the recruiters have to lie.

Don’t blame them - the candidates also lie. But let’s see why recruiters do this:

Recruiters don’t have the entire image of a problemRecruiters want too much to hire a candidateRecruiters  are forced (by the client, by a manager) to present only some informationThere is no training program or a Faculty to prepare enough a recruiterRecruitment activity is very complex and sometimes you don’t have time to cover properly all the aspects of a process

What you can do as a candidate:

Start to be honest yourselfTake your information from more people (eg: the technical interviewer, some peers from the company, some reviews from online, some statistics)Ask relevant and specific questionsBe attentive to recruiters reactionsAsk for a time to think about your decision

As a candidate be always strong prepared regarding your experience because this it the most powerful argument with any company. In this case, there can't be lies.

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